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March 4, 2013

Best Metro inspired Windows 8 UI Themes for Wordpress

I can confidently say that WordPress is one of the best blogging / small business website options out there in the market. WordPress has not only given startup websites a great platform to start on , it offers so much out of the box and most of the thing you want to achieve is just a plug-in away. Today we are going to take a look at some of the WordPress theme that will give you new blog a Metro ( Modern UI ) inspired look that is seen on some of the latest Microsoft Products like Windows 8 and Windows Phone. I have been an advocate for Windows Phone even before they hit the market. I have an alter ego who is a Windows Phone enthusiast, and he compelled me to do a round up of ” Best Metro inspired Windows 8 UI Themes for WordPress ” so without further ado here they are.

1) Matrix :



Matrix is a tile-based responsive wordpress theme that is sure to emanate the metro’ey look for your website. For $45 you get a feature pack theme that even has the ability to use live tiles , just like on your Windows Phone / Windows 8 !!! The theme comes with 10 colours which can be easily accessed via the admin panel. You also get AJAX pagination with this theme and the developer has baked in 25 shortcodes which is available via the rich editor. If you are looking to translate the theme , you are in luck because the theme comes with with .po / .mo files – Check Site Demo / Buy

2) MetroStyle :

This is a Responsive WordPress Theme that can stretch between 320px to 1440px that offers both Regular and Magazine layout. The theme comes with 2 layouts each for Blog and Portfolio. The ability to easily change the theme colour to one of the available 22 colours helps you to easily give your visitors a new look from time to time. Some of the other feature of the theme includes Facebook comment integration and Google Font support. You can download this for $45 – Check Site Demo / Buy

3) Metro Mobile :


Metro Mobile

With 13 different Tiles and 24 Colour choices this theme comes with a strong emphasis on mobile site. The theme comes with a Responsive design which will make the website work on any screen without the dreaded horizontal bar. You have the option of a dark / lite background or you can pick any background of your choice. The theme will set you back by $35. – Check Site Demo / Buy

4) Subway :



Subway offers a clean Metro look to your WordPress blog. Out of the box you have access to 11 fonts, 11 backgrounds and 13 colour variations. Sadly this theme does not look to be taking advantage of responsive design and will set you back by €39 – Check Site Demo / Buy

5) Metro 2.0 :



This offers a very simple layout and comes with responsive design, so you are ready for mobile and tablet visitors with the one theme. You get access to 6 metro ( blue, red, green, cyan, orange, purple ) colors baked in to the theme. The theme is relatively cheap when compared tot he ones above and can be yours for €10. – Check Site Demo / Buy

6) Metro Theme :

How about a free theme to round up this collection ? Metro Theme is a free , responsive Metro inspired Windows 8 UI Themes for WordPress. The theme is ready for mobile, tablets and PCs. You have a dark and light theme with the ability to pick any accent colour. It reminds me of Windows Phone ( except the part where we only have a limited selection of Accent colours ) – Check Site Demo / Download

Update 19/01/2013 : You guys wanted more so here they are :).. let me know what you think

7) One Touch :


One Touch WordPress Metro Theme

This is one seriously awesome Metro style theme for wordpress. There are some really great features on this theme like the tile generator which even includes single or double tile, multiple shortcodes and you get to choose between 3 layouts and the theme is completely responsive so no matter if your visitors are on a PC, tablet or mobile they always get the best possible experience. Don’t just take my word for it take a look at it here – Check Site Demo / Buy. The theme will set you back by $55.

8) Nemo :


Nemo Metro UI

Do you want a theme that puts the emphasis on images ? Perhaps you are a designer, photographer or an artist who want to showcase your best work on the web then you might like the dark metro theme called Nemo, its completely responsive and comes with 8 Shortcodes and 3 Custom Post Type’s and uses facebook comments to engage readers. You can get the theme for $40 – Check Site Demo / Buy.

You’ll find some great Metro inspired Windows 8 UI Themes for WordPress in here. And if you know of any others, please do drop a link in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter or Google+ and I will push the good ones to the list here.

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