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September 5, 2012

Google Chrome Extensions for SEO Agencies

Most of you will be familiar with Google Chrome Extensions , these tools let you add extra features and functionality to your browser. As a SEO consultant you have access to a lot of great Google Chrome Extensions which will aid you in you day to day SEO efforts. If you head over to the Google Chrome Webstore and do a search for SEO you get quite a lot of tools that claims to be SEO tool but only very few of those SEO Extensions are worth installing. Don’t get me wrong , some of these extensions are really great and makes your life as an SEO a lot easier, but if you start installing every other SEO plugin you come across it will soon get out of hand and you will end up with a lot of extensions that you will never use.

It’s a rare case where one extension that tries to perform various SEO function does all the things in the way you want it to work, but if you look hard enough you will find a few that does this. So here I will list a few Google Chrome Extensions that I think are great to have on your browser to make your life as an SEO consultant a tad easier. There are a few extensions here that does various tasks and there are some that does a few simple task but does that job well.

My Top list of Google Chrome Extensions for SEO Agencies

Download Mozbar



This is a great plugin and many of you might already be using this official Google Chrome Extensions from SEOMoz. You have access to a lot of SEO metrics information at a glance, personally I prefer having this tool bar on Firefox as opposed to Chrome but if you are an exclusive Chrome user, don’t miss out on all the actionable SEO data you can gather from using this tool including title tag, meta description, meta robots and rel=”canonical” usage, IP address of the server, the number of URLs and domains linking to the page, mozRank, mozTrust and much more. I am not a big fan of their SERP overlay which can easily be disabled.

Pro Tip : I often use their NoFollow link highlight tool , which can be quite handy if you are quickly scanning a page to see if the links are nofollow.

Download Check My Links


Check My Links

Ever wanted to find out what links on a webpage are pointing to a non existing page ? This tool makes your task of finding all those broken links as easy a pie. The best part is the plugin highlights broken links in a shade of RED so it’s easy to pick them out. There are rumors about broken links affecting your sites ranking as a part of the Penguin update, but according to Google you don’t have to worry too much about it, but I don’t have to specify the importance of fixing broken links from a usability point of view and with this little plugin at your side this task is no longer a pain to fix.

Download Redirect Path


Redirect Path

With Redirect Path from Ayima you no longer have to go to any website to check the HTTP Status Codes on any webpage you are on and the best part is you can see the full redirect path , so if the page jump through multiple redirects you can see all that at the click of a button. I have used many other similar tools and none of them comes close to what this plugin offers and this is a must have plugin for any SEO Consultants.

Download Chrome Sniffer


Chrome Sniffer

Chrome Sniffer is a simple extension that will help you easily identify web framework / CMS and javascript library running on the current website you are browsing, the handy icon on address bar indicates the identified framework. With this plugin you can immediately identify over 100 popular CMS and javascript libraries, the developer Bao promises to add more as the plugin is updated.

Download SERP Preview Tool


SERP Preview Tool

Ever been on a webpage and wanted to quickly check how the result will look like on Google SERP ? Thanks to SERP Preview Tool by Dejan you can easily see how the website will look like to search engine visitors. The plugin only caters for Google users, it does not support Bing. ( I don’t suppose many of you would even be interested in Bing support ). You also have the option to specify a search term which will show that keyword in bold.

Download Yet another flags


Yet another flags

This extension shows you the country flag for the site ( server location ) in the address bar. Hovering over the flag gives you city, region and the name of the country. One small limitation is the fact that this is not live data so if there is a recent server change that will not be visible immediately.

Download SEO SERP Manager


SEO SERP Manager

SEO SERP Manager does what you might expect , it allows you to add keywords that you want to track over time. The extension gives you the ability to add multiple domains and assign keywords for these domain. This tool also limits its operation to Google , but you do have the option to pick any country specific SERP results and you can also limit the search to a specific page. I tried it out recently with and the results seems to be quite accurate ( YMMV ). Some features I would like to see is the markup of snippet information and displaying the URL of the resulting page, and it also seems to ignore multiple instance of a result in this build.

Download Web Server Notifier


Web Server Notifier

Similar to Chrome Sniffer this plugin quickly informs you what web server software the website is using by displaying a clickable icon in the address bar. It supports most common web server technologies like Apache, IIS, Nginx, GWS, Lighttpd, etc.

It has taken me a while to compile this list and if you think I have missed a good one that you think deserves to be in here feel free to drop me a comment or reach out to me on Google+. I will try and update the list as I come across new and improved extensions.

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