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September 6, 2012

Local Business Schema Generator

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Are you taking advantage of Structured Date markup for your Local Business ? Since Google and Bing started supporting markup every SEO would have been trying to get their clients to use this. ( If they haven’t then you should seriously consider reviewing what they offer you ? You can get in touch with me if you want me to help you analyze you site to see what sort of SEO work has been done on the website. ).
Along with submitting a KML file and a geo-sitemap, adding your NAP ( Name Address Phone ) information in rich snippet format would send a strong signal to Google about the location of your business. With local search on the rise, it’s better to ahead in the game and it’s never too late to add Local Business Schema formatting to your NAP.

How to use Local Business Schema Generator

It’s quite simple really , just fill in all the requested details and the tool will generate the Structured Date markup for your Local Business NAP, just add that code in the footer of all pages or onto your contact us page of your website. You can also check if its set up properly by going to the Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool. I do recommend adding all fields below. If you plan on adding it to all pages you might want to skip the description field. If the code is only going on to the contact us page , you might want to add the description in there.

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